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Acoustics & Noise Control Services

  • Room Acoustics for Performance and Production Facilities
  • Noise and Vibration Control for Mechanical Systems
  • Sound Isolation Systems Environmental Noise Control
  • Educational & Institutional Facilities

Is your acoustical consultant responsive, or have you been waiting days for a callback? Do you have different firms and consultants for every piece of the project, and communication is overwhelming? Are you still looking for the best fit for your project because the consultants aren’t listening to your venue challenges?

At HMBA, we work closely with the architect and interior designers to achieve optimal acoustics while supporting their design concepts.

Team – Kennedy Center – Studio K

Acoustical Consultant for
Exceptional Venues

The team at HMBA has over 100 combined years of experience and the work to show for it. Our past projects become the building blocks for your completely custom space based on your specific programming needs and acoustical challenges.

“In an industry where everyone is a sound expert, it is very difficult to please all the artists and fans. Without exception, this has been accomplished at the AJB Music Center. As one major touring artist put it in a recent public tweet, ‘the venue is one of the finest sounding rooms on Earth.’ It’s no simple task to create an acoustically exceptional venue out of 70,000 square feet of steel and concrete, but HMBA was successful in doing so.” – Music & Event Management Inc.

Acoustic Services for all Spaces

We start by listening and collaborating with the design team
to provide an acoustic environment that is pleasing
to both the audience and the performer.

Perez Museum – 5834

Acoustical Systems

An HMBA Acoustical Consultant will listen to your goals for a space or evaluate your existing space to address design concerns throughout the project. We’ll bring solutions to achieve the acoustical environment you’re looking for in your performance venue.

Interior Room Acoustics Analysis & Treatment Recommendations

Whether you need an assessment of an auditorium or your open-layout office, an HMBA acoustical consultant listens to your challenges and develops the best solutions.

Acoustics – Grace Farms
Acoustics – College of St Rose Jacks Live Music Venue 3

Sound Isolation & Noise Control Measures

We’ll partner with you to carefully specify the construction details around critical spaces to ensure the appropriate noise isolation solutions, rooftop equipment noise barriers, acoustical treatments, HVAC systems, and more.

Our Customized Process

HMBA designs performance venues for facilities across the United States, and we never offer “cookie-cutter” designs, even if the facility is similar to another recent project.

We start by listening to your acoustic goals for the venue. You’ll tell us your program, and then we’ll work on detailed acoustic models with room shaping, reverberation time analysis, and noise isolation of the venue.

As acoustical consultants, we also analyze the mechanical systems to keep background noise levels acceptable and choose materials to provide optimum acoustics.

We have decades of acoustic engineering experience to help you achieve your project goals.


Our “Inside-Out” approach starts by listening to the owner, administrative and artistic staff, and end-users prioritize your needs and offer innovative solutions.



Through collaboration and customization, we provide multiple options that are never “cookie-cutter,” because the project program guides the design.



When you work with HMBA, a Principal Consultant stays on your project from the first meeting through the last, a true partner on your project.


Not just an acoustical consultant…

Our comprehensive services include

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